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  Animated Egyptian Eye Tutorial
Part 2A - Creating The Frame Images

1. First, startup CorelDRAW® and click File > New to create a new file. For this tutorial we will be using version 9, but version 8 would be fine, too. You will see a new blank document in the workspace (below left). Save the file as eyeblink.cdr. This tutorial assumes letter size portrait for page size and orientation. Click the "Landscape" button on the toolbar to switch the page orientation (below right). This will give us enough room to make the frames.

2. Next, load the template file, eyeblink_template.gif contained in the archive downloaded previously. Click File > Import... then navigate to the file and import it. The mouse pointer changes to an angle shape along with the name of the file. Click once to place the file into the document.

3. Your workspace should look something like the one below:

4. The next thing we want to do is lock the template and add a new layer for the art work. Bring up the Object Manager (below left). Click the Pencil icon on Layer 1 to lock it (circled below right). This prevents accidental shifting of the template.

5. Next, click the New Layer button (circled below left). This will add a new layer (Layer 2) to the document and will activate it at the same time (below right).

6. Next, load the PDF file containing the master frame, eyeblink_master.pdf. This file is also contained in the archive downloaded previously. Click File > Open then navigate to the file and open it. CorelDRAW will make the art work editable like other vector objects. This is the first frame of the animation. Marquee-select the frame and click Edit > Copy to copy it into the clipboard.

7. Switch to eyeblink.cdr and click Edit > Paste. This will paste the master frame into the document. Once you have done this, you can switch to the opened PDF file, close it, then switch back to eyeblink.cdr.

8. Using the Pick Tool, position the first frame directly over the first frame in the template (in the upper left corner).

9. Click View > Wireframe to change to wireframe view, then position the frame more closely over the template. Throughout this tutorial you can use the wireframe view to precisely align each frame over the template.

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