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  Porting Fonts Across Platforms:
Number 8B

Porting Mac® Type 1 Fonts To The PC With PC TransType
Click here for more on working with TransType
Click here for legal note on fictitious font name used in this tutorial

4. Converting Mac Type 1 fonts to the PC is slightly different than converting PC Type 1 fonts to the Mac with TransType. When converting PC Type 1 fonts, you can drag and drop the PFB file (the file containing the font outlines) into the TransType window. As long as the PFM file (containing the metrics) is in the same folder, the metrics will be included in the conversion. However, when converting Mac Type 1 fonts, if you drag and drop the file containing the font outlines into the TransType window, the metrics will not be included in the conversion (more here on how TransType handles Type 1 font metrics). Just to illustrate a point, drag and drop the Mac printer font into the left side of the TransType window (the source list). Click here for more on adding fonts to TransType.

5. You can tell that the wrong file has been dropped into the window from its small icon (circled below). You should see an icon that looks like a Mac suitcase. TransType will function normally, though, and will convert the font without the metrics. If you aren't careful, you will miss this point (more here on why this is important and why you have to take the necessary steps to include the metrics in the conversion).

6. At this point I converted the font, then checked for the kerning information in Typograf (more details on Typograf here). As you can see, the "Kerning" tab of the font properties is totally blank. That means the kerning information was not included in the conversion.


Tip: When in doubt you can check your results after converting a font as I did here. If the kerning metrics are missing, you can always convert the font again and make sure to include them.

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