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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 3B - Master Page Setup - Continued

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Guess what? We're going to change the top and bottom margins. I put this in the tutorial because you are probably going to do this in the real world. You are going to make changes as you go because this is a creative endeavor.

10. Make sure the master pages are displayed. If not click the "A-Master A" icon in the Document palette. You can also click Page > Display > A-Master A. Another fast way to switch between document and master pages is by using the Go-To-Page pop-up menu located in the lower left corner of the document window:


11. Next click Page > Master Guides... to bring up the Master guides dialog. This is the dialog used to modify the margins of your document. The menu selection is grayed out if the document is displayed. You can only access it if a master page is displayed. Enter 18 points for the top and bottom margins and click "OK".


12. Remember the dialog when you first created the document (accessed by clicking File > New > Document). There is no other dialog in Quark™ like that first one where you can make changes to your document. You might wonder how to change the page size and orientation.

We aren't going to make any changes, but to do so you must first display a document page. Next click File > Document Setup to gain access to the Document Setup dialog (below). The menu selection is grayed out if a master page is displayed. You can only access it if a document page is displayed. This is exactly the opposite of how to access the Master Guides dialog as in step 2. The whole point of this is to knowing how to control all aspects of creating documents.


13. Okay, so with the master page "A-Master A" being displayed, we are going to reshape the main text boxes into something that's easier to read than one column that takes up all the available space. We are going to setup the layout using a "one-third/two-thirds" format.

First make sure "Snap to Guides" is turned on. Click View > Snap to Guides. Using either the Content tool contenttool.gif or the Item tool itemtool.gif select the main text box and place the mouse on the top center handle. Click and drag downwards until the top edge of the text box snaps to the top page guide.


14. Similarly, drag the bottom edge of the text box upwards until it snaps to the bottom page guide.


15. Next set the width of the text box. Make sure the Measurements palette is displayed and enter 360 points in the width field:


16. The text box (still selected) should now resemble the image below:


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