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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 3H - Master Page Setup - Continued

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40. Next, select the Orthogonal Line tool ortholinetool.gif to draw the page rules for the header. . This tool is for drawing horizontal and vertical lines.

caution.gif   Caution: Make sure you don't accidentally select the Line tool linetool.gif . The Line tool is for drawing lines without any constraints. You may inadvertently draw a "horizontal" or "vertical" line with this tool. If you do it may not be true horizontal or vertical but only appear that way. Even if you set the line to true horizontal or vertical using the Modify item dialog (by clicking Item > Modify) or by using the Measurements palette, it is too risky to have such an object floating around in your document. One slight click with the mouse and you won't notice it until it is output on film!


41. Place the mouse on the left margin then drag a line to the right margin until it snaps.


42. As soon as you release the mouse button, the Content tool is selected by default. Place the cursor directly over the line until you see the cursor shape shown below. Double-click to bring up the modify item dialog (or click Item > Modify).


43. In the "Line" tab of the dialog, choose 4 points from the "Line Width" pull-down and Gold from "Color" pull-down, then click "OK".


44. In the Measurements palette enter 41 points for the y-coordinate. The x-coordinate should already be at 36 points because the line should have snapped to the left margin guide.


45. Select the Item tool and press Ctrl-C (Windows®) or Cmd-C (Mac®) to copy the line.


46. Then press Ctrl-V (Windows) or Cmd-V (Mac) to paste a copy of the line onto the page.


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