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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 3M - Master Page Setup - Continued

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71. Below is a view of the finished right-hand master page.


72. Below is a view of the finished spread.


73. This layout calls for another master page used only for the opening page of each chapter. It is for right-hand (odd-numbered) pages only. In the Document palette drag a blank single page icon into the panel below it to create a second master page called "B-Master B". While dragging, the cursor changes to a dropcursor.gif (96 bytes) shape. Release the mouse button and a new B-Master B page will appear in the Document palette.

techdoc071.gif techdoc072.gif techdoc073.gif

74. Drag a marquee around all the objects on the right-hand page of A-Master A.


75 Press Ctrl-C (Windows®) or Cmd-C (Mac®) to copy the selected objects.


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