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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 3R - Master Page Setup - Continued

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102. Next select the Rectangular Text Box tool recttextboxtool.gif .


103. Drag a new text box approximately like the example below.


lightbulbt.gif   Tip: When placing type over a colored box, make separate objects for the box and the type. Text boxes should have a minimum clearance of one x-height below the lowest descender of any character on the bottom line of the text box (otherwise it may drop out altogether when output). This will usually place the bottom of the text box below the bottom boundary of the background color.

techdoc099b-02-01.gif techdoc099b-02-02.gif techdoc099b-02-03.gif
techdoc099b-03-01.gif techdoc099b-03-02.gif  

105. In the Color palette, click White for the type color. There are three buttons...the left one is the box frame color, the center one is for the type color and the right one is for the box fill color. Make sure the center button is selected.

techdoc099c.gif You also can select the type color from the "Style" menu...accessed by clicking Style > Color.

106. Type the text "55" in the text box. This is dummy text for position only. It will appear in the document when the master page is applied. Then you will edit this text in the document (not the master).


107. Next click Item > Modify. Select the "Text" tab and choose "Cap Height" as the First Baseline Minimum and "Centered" for the Vertical Alignment. Click "OK" to close the dialog.


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