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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4F - Build The Document - Continued

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28. By now, Quark™ has added a new page to accommodate the text editing you have been doing. This is a view of page four showing all the carriage returns and line feeds. Up to this point we haven't placed any images or sidebars.


29. Switch to page two and select the header text.


30. Type the words "Chapter 1".


31. Switch to page three and select the header text.


32. Type the name of the subhead whose topic occurs on the top of page three. In this case it should be "Vero Eros".


33. Switch to page four and select the header text.


34. Type the words "Chapter 1". By now you should see the pattern. Even numbered pages have the chapter number for the header and odd numbered pages have the name of the subhead whose topic occurs at the top of the page. We are manually creating a "running header" - where text from the document appears in the page heads. Although Quark doesn't support running headers using variables like it does with page numbering, you can make them manually in this fashion.


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