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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4H - Build The Document - Continued

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39. Click the Content tool in the new text box and press Ctrl-V (Windows®) or Cmd-V (Mac®) to paste the text into the box.


40. We want to set this text apart from the body copy so we'll use a different typeface. Quadruple-click the mouse (click four times) to highlight all the text in the the box.


41. In the Measurements palette, select 12 point Helvetica Italic, with 12 points of leading. techdoc159a-01-02.gif  
techdoc159a-02-01.gif techdoc159a-02-02.gif techdoc159a-02-03.gif
techdoc159a-03-01.gif techdoc159a-03-02.gif techdoc159a-03-03.gif

42. Next, we are going to give this sidebar a colored background. Select the Rectangular Picture Box tool.


43. Drag a new box surrounding the text.


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