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  Porting Fonts Across Platforms:
Number 15B

Porting PC Type 1 Fonts To The Mac® With Mac Fontographer®
To find out more about Fontographer and where to get it, click here

5. In the text box in the metrics window (circled below), type a few characters such as "AVA" or "AWA" or "To" to observe the effects of the kerning metrics. The font in this window has no kerning applied yet. You can see that the right sidebearing of the letter "A" is fully outside the adjacent letter.

6. Click File > Import > Metrics.

7. Navigate to the .PFM file. Select "Kerning Info" from the drop-down box, then click "Open" when done.

8. You will see the effect of the kerning metrics in the Metrics Window. Notice that the right sidebearing of the first letter overlaps the second letter.

9. You can repeat the File > Import Metrics command and import other metrics data as well. You can import Ascent/Descent, Kerning and Spacing, as well as just Kerning Info.

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