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  Porting Fonts Across Platforms:
Number 16B

Porting Mac® Type 1 Fonts To The PC With Mac Fontographer®
To find out more about Fontographer and where to get it, click here

5. In Mac Type 1 fonts, the kerning and other metrics is in the suitcase containing the screen fonts. Navigate to the font suitcase. Select "Kerning Info" from the drop-down box, then click "Open" when done.

6. Click File > Open Metrics Window to view the effect of importing the font metrics.

7. In the text box in the metrics window (circled below), type a few characters such as "AVA" or "AWA" or "To" to observe the effects of the kerning metrics.

8. You can repeat the File > Import Metrics command and import other metrics data as well. You can import Ascent/Descent, Kerning and Spacing, as well as just Kerning Info.

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