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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4D - Build The Document - Continued

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18. Next highlight the subhead.


19. In the Measurements palette enter a point size of 24 points and click the button for bold type style. Leave the leading at 14 points. We are going to create a style sheet from these settings. The only time you would want 24 points of leading is where you would have a multi-line subhead. In that case you could apply a local format to that subhead only.

techdoc130a-02-01.gif techdoc130a-02-02.gif

20. This is a view of the style formatting for the subheads. Now we can create a style sheet for subheads.


21. Click Edit > Style Sheets.


22. In the dialog, click New > Paragraph.


23. Enter "Subhead" in the name field. Make sure your example looks like the one below (Based On = No Style, Next Style = Self, Character Attributes Style = Default). Then click "OK".


lightbulbt.gif   Tip: The easy way to setup style sheets is to select text and format it  the way you want. Then simply click Edit > Style Sheets and click New > Paragraph. Quark™ will have it all setup for you. At that point all you have to do is give your new style sheet a name.

24. Next, with the first subhead still selected click Style > Paragraph Style Sheet > Subhead. This won't change its appearance but it will tag it with the "Subhead" style. Continue entering subheads, highlighting and tagging them with the "Subhead" style sheet.


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