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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4L - Build The Document - Continued

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58. Nudge the sidebar group downwards using the down arrow key until the top edge of the gold colored rectangle is in line with the top of the second paragraph after the subhead.

lightbulbt.gif   Tip: Nudge in 1-point increments using an arrow key. Nudge in 1/10th point increments with Alt-arrow (Windows®) or Option-arrow (Mac®).

caution.gif   Caution: If you use the Item tool and try to drag this group downwards, the x-coordinate it will likely be changed. If you want to use the Item tool to drag it downwards then hold down the Shift key while dragging to maintain alignment. If you make a mistake while nudging with the arrow key, you can simply nudge it back.


58a. This is a finished view of page two.


59. Select page three. Using either the Item tool or the Content tool, drag the bottom center handle of the left-hand text box upwards about 3/4ths its height.


60. Select some "lorem ipsum" from the paragraph to the right and press Ctrl-C (Windows) or Cmd-C (Mac) to copy it.


61. Click the Content tool in the new text box and press Ctrl-V (Windows) or Cmd-V (Mac) to paste the text into the box.


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