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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4M - Build The Document - Continued

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62. Highlight the text in the box. Using the same technique for formatting the text in the previous text box on page two (see step 41 on a previous page), use 12 point Helvetica Italic with 12 points of leading.

lightbulbt.gif   Tip: When pasting text, all the formatting of the copied text is pasted with it. This can be a real time-saver when entering new text from the keyboard or pasting unformatted text from a plain (ascii) text file. Simply paste a few characters of the pre-formatted text into the box, then enter or paste the new text.


63. Drag the bottom center handle of the right-hand text box upwards until there are three lines of text showing in the paragraph following the subhead. Note that measurements are not important here. This can be done by eye.


64. Drag a new rectangle approximately in the location shown using either the Rectangular Picture Box tool or the Rectangular Text Box tool. Make sure it snaps to the margins, then click Item > Content > None.


65. Give it a black background color. Here we are using the Color palette, but you also can click Item > Modify and use the dialog.


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