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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4P - Build The Document - Continued

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79. Next you need to create the numbered bullets. These characters are available in the Zapf Dingbats font. You also can make them yourself by creating a black circle with another text box over the top of it using white text of any font of your choosing. I prefer the latter method for two reasons:

a.) You have more control over the typeface... and
b.) If the bullet is to appear over a non-white background, the Zapf Dingbat font will be transparent and you will have to place a white box under the character. However, the white box must be trapped between the the number and the black outline of the circle. It must be small enough not exceed the boundary of the circle yet large enough to cover the number.

It is a lot easier to opt for the method I suggest. After checking the alignment of the black circle and white text box, simply group them and they will stay aligned. Then copy the group to create the remaining bullets and edit each one to get the 1, 2, 3 and 4 numbers. When you have positioned them to your satisfaction, select them and copy them.


80. Paste the numbers into the gray box and reposition them until it appeals to you. Create horizontal lines using the Orthogonal Line tool and make them black with 1 point thickness.


81. This is a finished view of page three.


82. And this is a finished view of page four. The manual is now complete.


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