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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4O - Build The Document - Continued

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74. Create a rectangular text box and position it over the black background created in a previous step. Set the text color to white and enter the text shown. Notice how the bottom of the text box extends below the black background.


lightbulbt.gif   Tip: When making reversed type, create separate objects for the background box and the type. Again, text boxes should have a minimum clearance of one x-height below the lowest descender of any character on the bottom line of the text box (otherwise it may drop out altogether when output).

75. Select the white text and in the Measurements palette, choose the URWGroteskT font and set it to 20 points bold. You can keep the default leading at "auto".

  techdoc195a-01-02.gif techdoc195a-01-03.gif  
techdoc195a-02-01.gif techdoc195a-02-02.gif techdoc195a-02-03.gif techdoc195a-02-04.gif
    techdoc195a-03-03.gif techdoc195a-03-04.gif

76. Create another rectangular text box in the white space below the reversed type in the approximate location shown. Select some more "lorem ipsum" from the body copy and paste it in the box. Using the Measurements palette, format the type using 12 point Helvetica with 12 points of leading. To make the lead-ins stand out, select them and click the bold type style button. The next step describes how to make the indents.


77. Press Ctrl-I (Windows®) or Cmd-I (Mac®) to toggle the invisible characters on. This is a view of the text box showing all the carriage returns. Note that the text is in one continuous block. It is all done using 12 points of leading. With careful formatting, you need not create separate text boxes for each paragraph and lead-in. Select the paragraph below the lead-in for the indent.


78. Click Style > Formats.. and in the "Formats" tab, enter 18 points for "Left Indent". Repeat this step for each of the indented paragraphs in the text box.


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