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  Setting Preferences In Canvas™ 6

Modify the preferences by clicking File > Preferences. Here you will find the Preferences palette with 8 tabs. The preferences shown below are only a small sample of how you can make Deneba Canvas 6 work for you. These are my personal preferences and most are used in these tutorials. Bear in mind you can change these at any time when a different set of circumstances would require different preferences. Examples of exceptions are shown below in red italics so you get the idea. It pays to become familiar with all these so the program will work predictably for you.

First, in the "General" tab (below left), I like to check "Select across visible layers". This comes in handy when you have to select and align objects across layers. In the "Drawing" tab (below right), I like to be able to duplicate an object and paste it directly in front of the original. For this preference I set the x and y coordinates to zero in the "When duplicating objects offset" section. Note: you can also use Edit > Replicate using one copy with an offset of zero and leave the default of 10 pixels in this preference.

cnvpref1m.gif cnvpref2m.gif

Next click the "Painting" tab and check "Anti-aliased Canvas objects" as well as "Anti-aliased clipboard" to make sure selections and text objects will be anti-aliased as a rule (see note below for exceptions to this preference). Next click the "Display" tab and select the "No preview" radio button so transparent pixels in bitmap objects display by themselves with a checkerboard pattern.

cnvpref3.gif cnvpref4.gif

postit.gif   Note: There are some situations where anti-aliasing would be undesirable and where using hard-edges would be better. Some things to be aware of...
1. During image editing anti-aliasing can leave unwanted halos (artifacts) around selections. Be sure to clean these up after moving or cutting a selection.
2. It may better not to use anti-aliasing: a) with rectangular shapes where edges run parallel to the pixels or b.) when working with bitmap text using outline fonts at small point sizes (e.g. 8 point Arial) .

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