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    Intermediate - Advanced  
These animation tutorials use a variety of software and techniques. Animations are usually done in two stages - first create the frames, then assemble them in an animation program. You can create the frames in an image editor like Jasc® Paint Shop Pro™ or Adobe® Photoshop® or in a drawing program like Deneba Canvas™ or CorelDRAW®. Frames can be assembled in Adobe ImageReady™, Jasc Animation Shop™ or Macromedia® Fireworks® to name a few.  

Animation Tutorials

Spinning Globe Tutorial With Photoshop and Jasc Animation Shop
Animated Coffee Cup Tutorial With CorelDRAW and ImageReady

Animation Tips and Techniques

Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part One
Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part Two
Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part Three
Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part Four
Animation Layers and Frames in ImageReady and Fireworks

Porting Animations

Porting Animations Overview and Strategy
Animation Software - Supported Features and Formats
Porting a QuickTime™ Movie To Jasc Animation Shop™
Porting An ImageReady™ Animation To Fireworks®
Porting an AVI Movie To QuickTime Format With ImageReady

Flash Movies

swbutn.gif To view Flash movies you must have the Shockwave plug-in for Netscape or the ActiveX control for Internet Explorer.
Download free at the Macromedia Shockwave site.



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