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  QuarkXPress™ Technical Manual Project
Part 4N - Build The Document - Continued

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66. Enter the following width and height coordinates in the Measurements palette. Note that we haven't determined the y-coordinate yet.


67. Drag a new rectangle approximately in the location shown using either the Rectangular Picture Box tool or the Rectangular Text Box tool. Then click Item > Content > None.


68. Enter the following width and height coordinates in the Measurements palette then drag the box until it snaps into the guides in the lower right-hand corner.

lightbulbt.gif   Tip: The Item tool is used to move an item. The Content tool is used to move an item's contents. If the Content tool is selected press Ctrl-drag (Windows®) or Cmd-drag (Mac®) to move the item.


69. Click Item > Modify or double-click the new box with the Item tool. In the "Frame" tab, select a solid black outline, 1 point wide.


70. In the "Box" tab choose a black box color with a 20% tint. Click "OK" to close the dialog.


71. Using the Rectangular Picture Box tool, drag a new picture box inside the gray box.


72. Click File > Get Picture. Navigate to the folder containing your images and select "screenshot.eps". In the Measurements palette, enter 75% in the x and y scale values.


73. Move the black box and the picture box into the following arrangement. Note that this can and should be done by eye. The black box is a banner for some reversed type which will be placed in front of it. It should snap to the left and right margins so it should have an x-coordinate of 36 points and a width of 540 points. You will only be moving it up or down.


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