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  FreeHand® Drawing Technique No. 1
Part A

The following tutorial details a simple technique for drawing a complex shape by combining primitive shapes in Macromedia® FreeHand. The shape is a fan grate on the back of a computer case. The techniques described here are very typical for creating complex shapes from primitives.

1. The basic idea is to create the shapes by punching out five evenly spaced lines from a series of four concentric circles. The resulting open paths will use a heavy stroke with rounded caps.

2. Once we achieve these shapes, we can take advantage of FreeHand's "Expand Stroke" command to create closed paths from the simple open paths.

3. Start by creating a new document. For this tutorial we will make it easy and use a grid. Click View > Grid > Show, then View > Snap To Grid.

4. Select the Line tool and click directly on a grid intersection. Drag downwards while holding the Shift key to constrain the line vertically.

5. When you release the mouse button, the top endpoint of the line will be directly on a grid intersection.

6. Double-click the Mirror tool on the Xtra Tools panel. In the dialog, choose "Multiple" from the top drop-down. Then choose "Rotate" from the bottom drop-down and use 5 sides for the mirror shape. Leave the "Close Paths" box un-checked.

7. Make sure the line drawn in a previous step is still selected. Click the mouse pointer directly over the top end point of the line. It will snap to the grid.

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