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Archive for November, 2005

Due to font embedding restrictions on some TrueType fonts, sometimes you may need to print TrueType fonts as graphics instead of sending them to the printer as outlines. These new tutorials – one for Windows XP and one for Windows 98 will show you how to configure your PostScript printer to do just that.

Every month, SoftMaker gives away one of it’s high quality fonts from its font collection at This month’s free font download is Worcester. It is available for Mac and PC in Type 1 PostScript and TrueType formats. Worcester comes in 4 weights: regular, bold, italic and bold italic. Worcester is one of the faces in the famous Serials Type Collection.

I have just added a new and very important tutorial on avoiding font substitution when printing TrueType fonts to a PostScript printer in Windows. There are also two new tutorials for configuring a PostScript printer to avoid font substitution – this one for Windows XP and this one for Windows 98. I have also revised the Windows XP and Windows 98 tutorials for PostScript printing without a printer to include a note aout font substitution in Windows.