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Archive for the ‘Font Tutorials’ Category

I have just added a new and very important tutorial on avoiding font substitution when printing TrueType fonts to a PostScript printer in Windows. There are also two new tutorials for configuring a PostScript printer to avoid font substitution – this one for Windows XP and this one for Windows 98. I have also revised the Windows XP and Windows 98 tutorials for PostScript printing without a printer to include a note aout font substitution in Windows.

I’ve added a new and very important tutorial – on OpenType® fonts. Please take a look at it. I believe this new font format will take hold and eventually be in wide use by graphic design professionals. OpenType is still a relatively new font format even though it has been released for several years now.

I have also added another new tutorial that is related to OpenType fonts – Using OpenType Fonts With Adobe® InDesign®. This tutorial deals with how to access OpenType special features with InDesign.

Also, I revised the Font Basics – Part One tutorial to include a note about OpenType fonts.